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Universal - universal cookie forming machine

Universal - universal cookie forming machine



Universal confectionery forming machine UNIVERSAL is designed for production (molding), biscuits, cakes, pastries weighing 10 to 80 grams with a capacity of up to 250 kg per hour. Products may have very different shapes and drawing - Kurab'e "Baku", "Daisy", ring, heart, square, star, crescent, etc., which are defined by patterns interchangeable nozzles (matrices). Finished product is deposited on the trays with dimensions of 400 x 600 mm.

Standard manual cookie deposition in an 8-hour shift is about 80 kg. One operator of a UNIVERSAL for the same change in the mode of forming the bulk is deposited more than 500 kg of cookies of different shapes, repeat that you can not manually. Therefore, it can be argued that one operator when working on the machine replaces a team of 5-6 people, and that the payback period of the machine is not more than 6 months.


UNIVERSAL machine was designed for molding (production) of a wide variety of confectionery - cakes, cookies, marshmallow, cakes. The machine can be used all kinds of dough but batter: shortbread, gingerbread, raw, scalded, yeast. To prevent dough dripping at the time of depositing the machine provides reverse rotation of the roller pump.

The machine is programmed to operate in four modes:

  1. In the forming of bulk products of different sizes and different shapes with three-dimensional pattern - Kurab´e "Baku", "daisy", "dollar", curly "Baton", etc.
  2. In the three-dimensional molding of long products such as eclairs.
  3. In the double and triple layer molded products of varying heights.
  4. In the deposition using a wire cutting mechanism. In this mode, the product is deposited in various sizes, thicknesses and various two-dimensional figure - a circle, ring, square, rectangle, star, crescent, chamomile, etc.

Weight formed products - from 10 to 80 grams. Weight of the product depends on its size and thickness. Size is determined by the sizes of the holes of installed nozzles. Thickness of product depends on the rate and time of application of the dough and may be adjusted during deposition. Form products can be very diverse, depending on the pattern established by the nozzles (50 species), listed in nozzle catalog.

The machine is in the process allows you to quickly adjust all the parameters that determine the size and shape of the deposited product : the speed of rotation of the rolls feeding time for the dough, the suction time of the dough , the speed of movement of the sheet (tray), the distance between the rows of products. All the options can be stored in the memory controller for each type of product. The machine allows to store 45 different recipe (optional memory controller can be increased to maintain recipes 90).


UNIVERSAL mode shaping


UNIVERSAL wire cutting mode


  • Formed products weight, g - 10...80
  • Performance:

    mode bulk molding products - to 4500 pcs/hour or weighing products 10 ... 30 g - 45...135 kg/h;

    wire cutting mode - up to 7200 pcs/hour, or weighing 20...35 g - 140...250 kg/h

  • Number of installed nozzles, pcs - 5
  • Tray dimensions:

    width - 400 mm;

    length - up to 600 mm

  • Capacity of hopper for dough, l - 30
  • Overall dimensions, mm - 1130 x 725 x 1260
  • Machine weight, kg - 260
  • Installed power, kW - 1,1
  • Voltage, V - 380


UNIVERSAL machine consists of the following components:

  • body (frame with plating)
  • dough roller feeder and hopper
  • conveyor with landing gear
  • wire cutting mechanism
  • electrical and electronic part

All parts and machine components made of steel or aluminum alloy food. The frame is painted with gray paint, and the hopper is made of stainless steel. All the materials and coatings used in the manufacture of the machine - allowed in the food industry. Machine parts contacted with the dough is made from carbon steel, after the washing machine it should be carefully wiped and grease.

Валковая подача

Feed pump consists of two rollers which rotate when applying the dough in the opposite direction. The outer part is made of caprolon rolls and has a deep longitudinal grooves. With this pump design is achieved the same size and weight of the product.

Under the roll holder is attached to the spinnerets 5 (matrices), which allows products to be deposited to the sheet width up to 400 mm and lengths up to 600 mm.

Держатель фильер

Depositing products is carried out at the same time in 5 nozzles.

The machine will stop automatically when there is no trays, and also has an automatic start.

Sheets are moving by conveyor belt in the automatic mode according to the programm set by the operator. There are a mode through traffic sheets and mode of motion sheets when the sheets after deposition returns to the initial position. The distance from the edge of the sheet to the first range of products and the distance between rows is adjustable. Adjusting the maximum lifting height table is carried out manually by the hand wheel located under the table.

Струнная резка Сенсорная панель

Reconfiguring the machine with the regime in shaping mode jigging using wire cutting, and back, respectively, carried out for 3 ... 5 minutes. Changing nozzless just takes a few minutes. Necessary components and machine parts can be easily removed for washing and cleaning.

Operation is carried out with the touch panel. Panel Menu is in English.

Machine UNIVERSAL machine can be perfectly integrated into the process line, since its performance mode correspondence wire cutting performance the most common rotary furnaces. Products can also be baked in Ovens, or in tunnel kilns.

UNIVERSAL machine comes as standard with a set of nozzles F2 with 12 teeth for bulk molding and a set of nozzles C7 for wire cutting with a circular hole. At the request of the customer specified nozzles can be replaced by any other spinnerets from the catalog.


UNIVERSAL machine allows to manufacture products with the most varied shapes and designs. Drawing and form of products is determined by the shape of the outlet nozzles installed.

Catalog with product samples and order numbers spinnerets can be opened here - nozzle catalog.

Weight of the finished product may vary from 10 to 80 grams. Possible for the same spinnerets change the deposited items weight.


UNIVERSAL machines produced in August 2011.

The warranty period of the machine is 1 year. In the manufacture of machine tools is strictly enforced production technology and are used only materials permitted for use in food production. Almost every machine before sending it to the buyer presale passes the test - for 2 hour produced finished products.


A more complete and intuitive representation of the UNIVERSAL machine can be obtained by looking at the following short films.

1. Depositing shortbread cookies using F2 nozzles in three-dimensional mode.

(RAR Archive 2,5 Mb) 10.08.2011

2. Depositing eclairs using F2 nozzles.

(RAR Archive 2,1 Mb) 10.08.2011

3. Depositing three-layer shortbread cookies using F2 nozzles.

(RAR Archive 2,7 Mb) 10.08.2011

4. Depositing shortbread cookies using C7 nozzles in wire-cutting mode.

(RAR Archive 1,5 Mb) 10.08.2011

5. Depositing marshmallows (agar-agar, applesauce) using F2 nozzles.

(RAR Archive 2,5 Mb) 28.12.2011

6. Depositing shortbread cookies using F34 nozzles in three-dimensional mode.

(RAR Archive 1,7 Mb) 20.06.2012

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