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Encrusting machine FORCON

Encrusting machine FORCON



The FORCON encrusting confectionary machine is designed to produce (mold) pastry (cookies, shortcake, cakes), cheese curds, and all variety of filled bakery, with the filling weight ranging from 12 to 110 grams, and the unit capacity ranging from 60 to 200 kilos per hour. The ready goods are planting immediately on the baking tray measuring 600 x 800 mm.


The FORCON unit is designed to mold (produce) pastry: cookies, shortcake, cakes, fancy cakes, pastry filled with custard, and all the range of various fancy filled bakery. Short, cookies´, curd, choux pastry, yeast dough, or any other pastry can be applied. The unit cannot process batter. The filling may range from different custards, jams, fruit butters, preserves, boiled condensed milk, vegetable, fruit, or nuts´ pastes, curds, to other pastes. For example:

  1. Moulder (production) of confectionery - cakes, cookies, shortcake and other products with a variety of fillings. In the manufacture of cakes stuffed dough is a little thicker than usual and jigging cupcakes performed on special sheets with forms, pushed by the operator on the machine table by hand.
  2. For forming patties, tubes, donuts stuffed with minced meat, jam or marmalade. Shaping dough in the diaphragm forming mechanism use special form cams .
  3. For the manufacture of chocolates in which the shell, for example, is made of frayed dried fruits (apricots, prunes, etc.), as well as the filling is used nougat.
  4. For jigging cheese curds with a variety of fillings. Curds are placed on the belt enrobing machine with an automatic stacker.
  5. For the production of round dumpling - ravioli, which is used as a filling of meat, chicken, fish or any other ground meat.
  6. For the manufacture of products with a variety of two-tone patterns. For example, for the production of two-tone cookies or cakes colored darker dough (e.g., cocoa additive) is loaded into the hopper for filling and a special distribution nozzle is inserted into the extruder machine.

The weight of the molded goods ranges from 12 to 110 grams. The size of the goods can be matched through the selection of interchangeable dividers. The shape of the goods can vary; it can be round-, oval-, tubule-, stick-, bon-bon-shaped, etc. The surface of the goods can be either smooth or wavy.

In operation, the unit admits of smooth regulating the amount of filling in the ready goods, the thickness of encrusting, the size of the goods.

It takes a few minutes only to reset the unit to production of various types of goods. Necessary assemblies and parts are easily disassembled to wash and cleaned.

FORCON left-side view

FORCON left-side view

FORCON right-side view

FORCON right-side view


  • Formed products weight, g - 12...110
  • Capacity, kg/h - 60...200
  • Capacity, pieces per minute - up to 80
  • Maximum dimensions of the baking tray, mm - 600 x 800
  • Weight of the loaded pastry, kg - 50
  • Weight of the loaded filling, kg - 30
  • Overall dimensions, mm - 1550 x 1000(730) x 1510
  • Machine weight, kg - 420
  • Installed power, kW - 1,9
  • Voltage, V - 220


The FORCON unit is made up of the following assembles:

  • body (frame with plating)
  • dough and fillng supply unit
  • removable table
  • extruder
  • products forming unit
  • electrical and electronic part

In a standard complete set the machine tool is delivered with hexagonal diaphragm. It is simple on the design and very reliabl, but it demands frequent disassembly and cleaning.

Extruder (machine unit in which the formation of a tube with a filling is carried out) ends with the nozzle which hole diameter determines the thickness of the tube. As standard, the machine comes with the team of the nozzzle, which can expose holes in the following sizes - 25, 30, 35 and 40 mm. As an option can be supplied with other nozzle orifices or nozzle with different patterns (square, heart, daisy, etc.).

For the manufacture of two-color products dough of one color is loaded in the first hopper , and a different color doug - to the second hopper , and the extruder is inserted into a special attachment. Nozzle form determines the pattern of the product. Nozzle for two-color products with a certain pattern is supplied as an option.

Machine parts having a direct contact with the dough and filling, made of stainless steel. Materials and coatings that are allowed in the food industry, used in the construction of the machine.

Electronic controls frequency is used to adjust of variable feed rate of the dough and filling, as well as the frequency of the product forming . Machine operation is simple and is carried out with a remote panel. Since October 2011, the control panel is equipped with a touchpad, and electronics are supplemented by the programmable controller. These additions allow you to save selected modes of operation of the machine and, subsequently, to call them to the control panel.

Machine is operated by one person.

Machine capacity correlates with the performance of rotary kiln. Products can also be baked in Ovens, or in tunnel kilns.

Manufacturing of gingerbreads

Encrusting machine FORCON products placement is made on the baking trays manually moved on a table by the operator. For this purpose from the right side of the machine tool put a small table for clean trays, and from the left side of the machine tool - a little table for the sheets filled by production. The greatest possible size of a sheet is 600 x 800 mm. Other person puts the filled sheets on the carriage of the rotational oven or on the conveyor of the tunnel furnace.


The FORCON machine is designed to produce the goods with the filling of a great variety of shapes, weights, and composition. The weight of the ready goods can range from 12 to 110 grams. The ratio of crusting to filling is easily adjusted while in production. The goods with no filling or the ones consisting of two different types of pastry can also be molded. The goods can be round-, oval-, stick-, or tubule-shaped of different length. The goods can also be produced with a wavy surface as an option.

Product samples

  1. shortcakes filled with fruit butter
  2. shortcakes filled with confiture (manually applied to the surface before baking)
  3. chocolate-covered hand shortcakes powdered with coconut shaving
  4. round-shape Gingerbreads
  5. oval-shaped Gingerbreads
  6. oval-shaped Gingerbreads with wavy surface (produced with a special draw plate)

Cookies with a stuffing from confiture


Gingerbreads from the dough with a stuffing from jam


FORKON encrusting machines are issued since October, 2004. Before mass production, the very first machine tool was operated on own confectionery manufacture for 2 years (since 2002), when machine was tested in real conditions . Therefore the design of the machine tool is verified and meets real needs of food manufacture. It is possible to approve{confirm} with confidence, that FORCON encrusting machine is very reliable and simple enough in work. Electronics with touch management is established on the machine tool since October, 2011.

Warranty period of the machine tool operation is 1 year. At manufacturing machine tools the "know-how" is strictly observed and the materials resolved to application in the food-processing industry are used only. Almost each machine tool before sending to the buyer passes preselling tests - within 2 hour the finished goods are issued.


Fuller and evident representations about FORCON encrusting machine work can be received, having looked brought below small films.

1. Manufacturing of round bicoloured shortcake with the form of figure in the form of an eight-beam star.

(RAR Archive 2,1 Mb)

Bicoloured cookies

2. Manufacturing of shortcake with a stuffing from confiture in the form of small sticks with a ridge surface.

(RAR Archive 2,2 Mb)

Sticks with a stuffing

3. Manufacturing of cookies from a rich shortcake dough with a stuffing from confiture. Placing on the trays moved on a table of the machine tool by the operator.

(RAR Archive 2,8 Mb)

4. Manufacturing of gingerbreads from the dough with a boiled condensed milk stuffing . Film was removed in October, 2004 on a bakery "RussBread" in a Novokuznetsk. In film work of the machine tool of one of the first updatings is shown.

(RAR Archive 2,3 Mb)

5. Manufacturing of round pel'menis with a stuffing from a mincemeat.

(RAR Archive 1,2 Mb)

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