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Confectionery waste shredder KR-9.02

Confectionery waste shredder KR-9.02


MACHINE FOR BAKERY AND CONFECTIONERY WASTE GRINDING (crackers, shortcakes, gingerbread, wafers, waffles, etc.)

A substandard product (bakery and confectionery waste) is usually either thrown away, or sold at a very low price. Using CONFECTIONERY WASTE SHREDDER it´s easy to process into crumbs bakery and confectionery waste and add to dough to 5% of its weight without loss of quality. Waste cost increases to the cost of finished goods. Waste production, there are always... So the payback of the machine is 3...5 months only.


THE CONFECTIONERY WASTE SHREDDER is designed for grinding (crushing) into crumbs bakery and confectionery waste - gingerbread, cookies, pies, rusks, wafer sheets with a capacity up to 300 kg/hr.

Upper limit unit size of used product is 90 mm. It´s desirable to dry using product, but WASTE SHREDDER design lets grind wet product with liquid additive, cookies or gingerbread with filling, for example. In this instance, a shredder capacity falls by 20...30% and cutting knifes should be cleaning ( cleaning time is 30...40 seconds). A crumb size is depend on departure knife cutter and can be about 0,5...5,0 mm.

Shredder Shredder


  • Capacity, kg/h - up to 300
  • Size of the crumbs, mm - 0,5...5,0
  • Maximum size of the milled raw products, mm - 90
  • Size of the loading hopper, l - 30
  • Speed ​​Cutters, rev/min - 3000
  • Overall dimensions, mm - 385 x 520 x 1290
  • Machine weight, kg - 85
  • Installed power, kW - 5,5
  • Voltage, V - 380


THE CONFECTIONERY WASTE SHREDDER consists of the following assembles:

  • batch hopper
  • grinding unit
  • universal drive

Grinding product is loaded into the hopper capacity 30 liters. Top of the hopper is made in the form of a funnel, so products can be download the right out of the box. Products falls from the hopper to grinding unit, where it works over and falls from the nose of the guide in a removable container. WASTE SHREDDER productivity is high enough, so standard bucket is filled with crumb during 1 - 1,5 minutes. Grinding is due with a circular cutter, seated on the motor shaft. Cutter has 4 knives, made of stainless steel thickness 2 mm. Knives are easy to remove and install.

To clean the cutter and knives from adhering to them products, simply remove the hopper.


WASTE SHREDDER launched in 2004. Before starting the machine into production is the first machine operated and updated over 2 years (since 2002) on his own confectionery. Therefore the design of the machine calibrated and worked in actual use in the food industry.

The warranty period of the machine is 2 year. In the manufacture of machine tools is strictly enforced production technology and are used only materials permitted for use in food production.


For more complete and intuitive representation of the WASTE SHREDDER please look below for a short film.

1. The grinding process is sub-standard cakes with fillings in 2006 for the confectionery industry in Berdsk.

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Just look at the machine tool "live" and recycle a small test batch of your own products is available at our facility in Novosibirsk.

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