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SibtehmontazThe "Novator" Ltd. wase founded as a manufacturer of food processing equipment in 2003.

The company has its own production facilities in Novosibirsk - one of the largest research and technology v Russian centers.

"Novator" Ltd. company specializes for the production of jigging equipment for the most confectionery products - cakes, cookies and marshmallows.

We also produce accessories for confectionery production: confectionary waste shredder and a windmill for powdered sugar.

Another activity of the company - assemble and launch of confectionery production lines. Cooperation with the largest Russian manufacturers of thermal and mechanical equipment for the confectionery industry can gather cost-effective, high-performance and reliable lines for the production of cookies, cakes and other pastry with as good value "price / quality".

To date, produced by the "Novator" Ltd. company equipment and assembled lines operate in many cities of Russia : Voronezh, Krasnodar, Rostov-on-Don, Novokuznetsk, Moscow, Petropavlovsk, as well as in many other cities and regional centers of the country. In addition, we have supplied their equipment to neighboring countries - Ukraine, Kazakhstan, Turkmenistan, etc.

The company is equipped with various modern metalworking equipment - to procurement, welding, turning, milling, grinding and other equipment for precision machining. The company has specialized equipment for machining stainless steels used in the food industry.

Procuring works Metalwork works Turning works Welding

The company employs highly trained specialists in various fields of engineering (electrical, electronics, machining), including in the field of stainless steels.

The quality and reliability of the equipment provided high quality production.

All new equipment before launching into mass production , previously held a long run-in to the existing confectionery businesses.

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Priority of the "Novator" Ltd. company is needs of expanding and newly established confectionery business. Experience, knowledge of the real demands of the business, high production standards and the staff professionalism are a guarantee of reliability and quality of the manufactured equipment. Our equipment is equipped with imported and domestic accessories, the best way proven in the practice of mechanical engineering.

Director of the "Novator" Ltd. is Nikolay V. Gudov.

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